LiuGong has sold more than 350,000 wheel loaders

Liuzhou, Guangxi – May 26, 2017 – LiuGong commemorates the sale of more than 350,000 units worldwide. More than 300 people include representatives of government organizations, industry organizations, founding members of LiuGong, LiuGong’s first-generation customers, distributors, partners, The media attended the ceremony to witness this historic moment.

LiuGong is the first modern wheeled dumper factory in China and the first company to produce the world’s first wheel loader, as well as the largest wheel loader in China, The 8128H. Qi Jun, chairman of the China Association of Civil Engineers, commented that LiuGong “has contributed to the modernization and development of China’s infrastructure.”

LiuGong produced the first wheel loader, the Z435, in 1966, and proved to be the first modern wheel loader in China. The ZL50C is considered to be LiuGong’s key product line for 30 years, and China’s first wheel loader is exported to the world market in large quantities. “We have the oldest wheel loader, a 50C, although it’s been well over 30 years and still works well,” said a customer at the event.

At present, the 856, and the ZLG50G, 856H and 8128H are representative of the 3rd and 4th generation wheel loaders and by the end of 2016, LiuGong has launched a revolutionary wheel loader truck. Peak, that is VL70A. The new technology marks an important milestone for LiuGong and for China’s machine tool industry.

“The 350,000 is just the beginning for LiuGong,” said Wang Ruixiang, president of the China Federation of Machine Shops. He also encouraged LiuGong to write a new chapter in the Chinese machine tool industry.


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